Application Process & Resident Selection Criteria

The following information is designed to give you information about the application process and our resident selection criteria.

It is the policy of Brown Property Group to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local fair housing laws and not to discriminate against any person based on race, color, national origin, sex, familiar status, religion, and handicap.

Application Processing and Time Frame:


The Application Process:

Resident Selection Criteria:


Applicants must have a combined gross income of at least three (3) times the monthly rent. Income must be verified and applicants must provide at least 3 most recent pay stubs. All legal sources of income will be considered. Each individual applicant must meet this income requirement separately. Non married individuals may not combine incomes. If applicants are married, incomes may be combined to meet this requirement. Cash payments for income will not be acceptable for income verification purposes. This includes any payments from mobile cash apps including but not limited to Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, Google Pay, Zelle. Proof of income must show hours worked and a specified pay period of pay dates.

Rental History

A minimum of two years residential history is required. Rental history must be rated satisfactory or better, with no record of evictions or late payments. We reserve the right to require a higher security deposit. Any application may be rejected for the following.

  1. Any one history that the applicant has “skipped” a previous residence
  2. Evictions within the last 10 years
  3. Any three late payments of rent within a twelve-month period from a current or previous residence.
  4. Any one report that the applicant, his/her household members or guest, were destructive to the apartment or common areas from a current or previous residence.
  5. Any one report that the applicant has or had poor housekeeping habits from a current or previous residence.
  6. Any one report that the applicant caused or was involved in disturbances from a current or previous residence.
  7. Any one report that the applicant did not abide by the rules and regulations from a current or previous residence.
  8. Leaving other rental housing with an outstanding debt.
  9. Open or Discharged bankruptcies will result in automatic denial.

Credit History

Brown Property Group uses a third-party applicant screening service to evaluate your consumer credit report. We have pre-set criteria that we provide to our third-party applicant screening service, your application will either be Approved, Denied, or Approved with conditions based on these credit criteria. These conditions may require a security deposit up to 2 month’s rent. We will not provide you with the credit report or tell you of its contents; however, we will provide you with the name of the credit reporting agency so you may receive a copy from the credit bureau. Other factors may affect application approval or denial.

Criminal History

Applicants with a criminal history involving and including but not limited to any felonies for illegal use, manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, felonies resulting in bodily harm or intentional damage or destruction of property, you will either be declined or may be required to post an additional security deposit. Applicants with a criminal record may be subject to denial, however all applicants will be treated fairly. Brown Property Group review all criminal convictions on a case-by-case basis.

Security Deposit Determination:

The Security Deposit will never be less than one month's rent. In some cases, we will ask for a higher deposit (up to 2 month's rent) depending on a number of risk factors detailed in our rental requirements.

Renter’s Insurance:

All approved applicants are required to carry and provide proof of renter’s insurance and maintain a coverage limit of $100,000 in personal liability insurance. Insurance can be obtained by any agency of the tenant’s choice as long as it meets the required coverage limit.

Applying With or Without Pets:

All applicants are required to complete a pets screening application via Pet Screening is a third-party service used to screen household pets, validate assistance animals and confirm that every resident understands Brown Property Group's pet policy. All applicants must complete a pet screening regardless of whether the applicant does or does not own a pet. For additional information regarding our pet policy and to complete the pet screening please visit our  Pet Screening page.